Well, this page is not easy. The problem lies in the fact that I do not have distinct hobbies (like sky diving, bungee jumping etc...), but rather belong to the majority of people who are pretty 'normal'. O.k., just for reference, here is a resume (rather short) of me. 
After hard, brain-twisting thinking, I even found some things I like:

  • Squash, Jogging 
  • Theater, music (especially classics, but I also like musicals and some of the modern stuff)
  • Travel (as long as I have enough money..)
  • Reading. Here is a list of some recent favourites I read (unfortunately in German only) 

Well, what is left? Of course, the links to some friend of mine on the web. Enjoy their pages as well! 

Links to friends:

Collin McCulley (contains a lot of interesting stuff)
Tarunraj Singh (He was my advisor in Buffalo. A really interesting guy.)
Kelly und Don Iacovoni (hi Kel!)
Pia Dreiseitel


Some impressions from my recent holiday trips (USA/France).